Neova Creme De La Copper 1.7 oz/48g | 1.7 oz

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Item #: NE0300-A
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What it Does

  • Deeply nourishes dry, aging skin with a combination of powerful GHK Copper Peptide Complex technology, marine minerals, vitamins and bioflavanoids.
  • Revitalizes photodamaged skin improving its overall texture and tone.
  • Protects skin from harmful free radicals that cause the appearance of aging skin.
  • Improves the production of new collagen.

Who should use it

Photodamaged, dry, aging skin.

How It Feels

Satiny, nourishing cream.

How to Use It

Apply to clean face and neck every morning and evening.

What Makes it work

  • GHK Copper Peptide Complex infuses nutrients directly into skin cells.
  • Mitosome, a repairing enzyme, protect skin from free radical damage.
  • Grape Seed Extract protects skin from further damage and reduces existing UV damage.

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